About Us

Mersal Telecom started its operations in the field of telecom in 2010, Starting with a senior team with many years of experience in the VoIP and Telecom Business, with a Target to provide a high quality services with a competitive prices to our partners, Due to our ability of solving any technical situation we gained the trust of our partners from the international and Tier 1 carriers who uses our routes as a trusted directs. Mersal Telecom is always Eager to seek new potentials in the Telecom business, by attending many Meetings overseas on regular basis to be always there for any new in the telecom market. With our Solid equipment's in the UK and 24/7 support team, Mersal Telecom is capable of serving it partners on the highest level of proficiency. Managed By a senior technical and commercial teams, Our main target is to keep our partners Pleased and satisfied by our Services.

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